Elevate with E-Commerce Self Paced Business Course

A one of a kind coaching course for current and aspiring entrepreneurs in the alternative health space who are ready to launch an online store and build a 6 figure purpose driven business.

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How long are you going to ignore that voice deep inside saying I’m supposed to be doing more?? How long are you going to stay stuck, unfulfilled, not making the income or impact you truly desire to make?

Your passion for healing and helping others can’t help but shine through because it’s a part of your purpose in life.

You know you should be doing more, you know there are people out there waiting for you to walk into your purpose because they need your help, you know you have the ability to help a lot of people but… something keeps stopping you…

You talk yourself out of starting your alternative health e-commerce business because you don’t know where to start, you struggle with time management, you’re not tech savvy person, you don’t understand marketing, social media overwhelms you, and you’re afraid of failing


You’re stuck in your current business, hustling hard for customers, not making sales consistently online, spending hours vending every weekend just to make a couple hundred bucks, not really attracting your ideal customers with your marketing efforts, and the list goes on

You desire to be making six figures a year with your e-commerce business and if you’re able to help people heal, improve their health, and live a better quality of life you should be!

Your time is valuable and I would like to respect that so before we move forward let’s take a moment to make sure the Elevate with E-Commerce Coaching Course is the right place for you

Elevate with E-Commerce Coaching Course is for You IF:
  • You’re a current or aspiring entrepreneur in the alternative health industry with a natural product you desire to sell online

  • You’ve had the desire to get into the alternative health space for a while but have been sitting on the sidelines because the timing isn’t right or you don’t know where to start

  • You know you have amazing products that can truly help people but you don’t know how to consistently sell them online

  • You’re the person people call on when they need help with anything pertaining to their health

  • You’re already a successful alternative health professional but would like to better serve your clients and add an additional revenue stream

  • You’re an action taker who is ready to shift the paradigm in your family and create generational wealth through starting a successful e-commerce business in the alternative health industry

If any of this sounds like you, you’re in the right place
You’re a Great Fit for the Elevate With E-Commerce mentorship program

I know you’re tired of sitting back watching other people crush it on social media with their online stores. Scrolling IG wishing that was you sitting in a pile of packages from the countless orders placed on your website.

You’ve tried to grow your e-commerce business on your own but nothing is quite working for you and you’re just about ready to give up or even worse you’re too afraid to start

Or maybe you’ve had some success with your online store and now you’re ready to take it to the six figure level and beyond

No matter where you’re currently at with your e-commerce business we both know there are millions of people that need help improving their health and that making six figures in the alternative health space is very doable

And in the Elevate with E-Commerce Coaching Course I’m here to give you the blueprint and guide you through the step by step process of building a six figure e-commerce business that will give you the income, impact, and freedom you desire

Imagine what life will be like when

  • You’re making money in your sleep and waking up to payment notifications on your phone from the orders that came in while you were snoozing
  • You’ve built a reputable brand and have repeat customers coming back time and time again
  • You’re receiving testimonials on a daily basis from the many customers you are helping with your products
  • You’re finally able to take that vacation you’ve putting off or invest in your children’s future because you are financially secure
  • You’re making so much money with your online business you can put in your 2 weeks notice and exit 9-5 life for good

All of this is very possible. I’m going to lead you to the water all you have to do is take action and do the work

Providing an easy to follow blueprint that doesn’t make the process of starting a 6 figure e-commerce business overwhelming was the motivation behind me starting the Elevate with E-Commerce Coaching Course

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How the Coaching Course Works:

Part 1: Laying the foundation for a 6 figure e-commerce business
In part 1 you will learn the mindset and high achieving habits required to help you build a 6 figure e-commerce brand. You will get crystal clear clarity on your niche, how to find your ideal audience online, and how to properly position yourself as expert.

Part 2: Brand clarity
In part 2 you will get crystal clear on your brand messaging, how to build correct rapport with your ideal customers online, wholesaling products, and generating pre order sales.

Part 3: Setting Up Systems
In part 2 you will get clear on building a website that converts, you will learn about automated systems that will allow you to have freedom and flexibly in your e-commerce business, and the 6 figure launch strategy for your online store.

Part 4: In part 4 you will learn how to strategically use social media to market your products, how to consistently promote your brand so you’re attracting your ideal customers, how to turn your followers into repeat buyers and advocates for your brand, and how to effectively build an email list.

Part 5: In part 5 you will learn how to use the power of education based digital products such as e-books to generate more sales and better establish yourself as an expert and go to person in your niche.

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This course is only suitable for people in the alternative/holistic health industry who are selling physical products that are intended to improve health and wellness.