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This book is raw, real, and transparent. It’s full of tips and strategies for anyone who is looking to live a more authentic and purpose driven life.
In this book you will quickly discover :
  • How childhood programming impacts your decision making process as an adult
  • How to be the victor versus the victim of your circumstances so you can change the narrative of your life
  • How to align with your authentic self
  • How to manifest a life of abundance and prosperity
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Peace and Love!

I'm Keba

and I am here to assist divine beings on their ascension journey’s. My goal is to help others tap into their limitless power so they can manifest their highest desires with ease!

I’ve been an entrepreneur in the health/wellness industry for over 10 years first starting out as a wholistic nutrition coach then using my background in digital marketing and business economics to mentor others on starting profitable health based online businesses.

I now consider myself a wholistic life coach because I assist others with changing their lives mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

I believe the key to living a loving, peaceful, and abundant life is being in alignment with your highest self and knowing you are in complete control of the reality you create.

When I’m not working with clients, I enjoy living a very soft, slow paced life in Mexico. I love reading, traveling, spending time in nature, and learning new things!

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