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This book is raw, real, and transparent. It’s full of tips and strategies for anyone who is looking to live a more authentic and purpose driven life.
In this book you will quickly discover :
  • How childhood programming impacts your decision making process as an adult
  • How to be the victor versus the victim of your circumstances so you can change the narrative of your life
  • How to align with your authentic self
  • How to manifest a life of abundance and prosperity
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About the Author

 Keba Richardson born and raised south of Atlanta is a plant based holistic health influencer, coach, and advocate.

She is the creator of the health/beauty brand Pretty Women Love Cannabis whose mission is to educate, empower, and inform women about the healing benefits of cannabis so we can break the stigma and enjoy a safe and natural way to enhance our overall health.

Keba graduated from Georgia State University with a BA in Business Economics, she has an extensive background in digital marketing, and she mentors current and aspiring entrepreneurs in the alternative health space on starting profitable online businesses.

Keba enjoys spending time with her family and puppy Pluto, being in nature, traveling, and reading when she’s not busy running her digital enterprise.

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