I help women tap into their divine feminine power so they can manifest health, wealth, abundance, and fulfilling relationships without compromising or settling

Now is Time To Tap Into Your Divine Feminine Power So You Can Manifest the Abundant Life You Desire and Deserve to Live

Keba Richardson 
Author, Coach, Advocate


Discover how to tap into your divine feminine power, heal your sexual energy from unresolved trauma, and transmute your sexual energy so you can manifest your highest desires...

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You may be a wife, a mom, a corporate baddie, teacher or nurse comfortable in your career, and “living the dream”. On the outside, you seem to have it all together. But behind closed doors, you’re unfulfilled, you’re putting your health and self care on the back burner, you worry about everyone else before tending to yourself, you’re ready to leave your 9-5 to do something you have passion for, you’re stuck going through the same ol motions, you tend to stay in undesirable situations too long and you’re ignoring the voice deep inside saying there has to be more. You lay awake wondering how can I get myself off of the hamster wheel, how can I live life on my own terms, how can I get my time and freedom back, how can I get on track with my health once and for all , how can I travel more, and how can I create generational wealth for my family???

What you’re looking for is a results oriented blueprint that will help you go from

Being stuck, unfulfilled, unhealthy, and unsatisfied with your life


Manifesting a life that aligns with your passion and higher purpose so you can have the health, peace, prosperity, freedom, abundance, and flexibility you truly desire

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Hi, I’m Keba Richardson

And I help spiritually inclined women tap into their personal power so they can manifest a life of abundance, great health, freedom, purpose, and fulfilling relationships


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The Journey of UN-BECOMING

My highest desire is that after reading this book, you will be inspired to go somewhere you were never taught to go: INSIDE OF YOURSELF to find YOU - the Real YOU!

In this book you will discover:

  • How childhood programming impacts your decision making process as an adult.
  • How to be the victor versus the victim of your circumstances, so you can change the narrative of your life.
  • How to align with your authentic self.
  • How to manifest a life of abundance and prosperity.

Master Your Metamorphosis Life Coaching Program (For Women Only)

A life transforming coaching program for women who are ready to get unstuck, let go of their fears and limiting beliefs, make their health and healing a priority, and manifest abundance in every aspect of their lives.



Elevate with E-Commerce Self Paced Course

A one of a kind coaching course for current and aspiring entrepreneurs in the CBD/alternative/holistic health space who are ready to launch an online store and build a 6 figure purpose driven business.

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Zen Butterfly Wholistic Healing Retreat (For Women Only)


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Join me for 7 days of deep healing centered around your mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health in a tropical paradise where all of your needs are met so you can take a break from your current reality, forget about your worries, and solely focus on yourself and your healing journey. The first Zen Butterfly Retreat will be held in Tulum Mexico Fall 2023!

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