Hi there!

I'm Keba Richardson

I’m an author, coach, and alternative health advocate. I help current and aspiring entrepreneurs in the alternative health space start successful purpose driven e-commerce businesses. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur in the health/wellness industry for over 8 years first starting out as a holistic nutrition coach then using my background in digital marketing and business economics to mentor others on starting profitable online businesses. 

Over the past two years I’ve helped over 75 current and aspiring entrepreneurs start their own e-commerce businesses selling alternative health based products and/or services.

I believe the key to living an authentic, abundant, and fulfilling life is doing what you love; and making a positive impact in the lives of others while making the income you desire to make.

When I’m not busy working with my amazing clients or running my online tea shop I love traveling,reading, spending time in nature, and hanging out with my son and puppy Pluto!

"There Are People Out There Waiting On You and the Products Your Business Will Provide"

Keba Richardson and the Elevate with E-Commerce Team Provide the Following


• E-Commerce Business Coaching 

• Digital revenue consulting

• Alternative health consulting

• Speaking, workshops, and presentations both virtual and in person

Questions about working with me???

Send an email to [email protected]